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Housing and Property Consultant (Town Planner)


  1. Accountable to liaise with local operators, authorities and regulatory to assist the contractors
  2. Responsible for the aerial in the residential accommodation, both individual and communal. To make sure public will continue to receive TV signals at and after DSO.
  3. Responsible for public sector properties such as schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, hotels, and others. Make sure the TV services continue to be available.
  4. Provides target communication in property sectors, for example brochures for house owners, tenant, operators and local councils.
  5. Provides model of contact database of social housing providers, and others to check and track readiness of specific area.
  6. Integration of activities, negotiating changes in plan and communicating.
  7. Preparation of periodic summary report(s) on the project implementation progress
  8. To assist and work together with Viewer Support Consultant and Help Scheme Support Consultant


  1. Strategic understanding of the residential housing sectors in the locality
  2. Understanding of the appropriate methods of engagement with all, and demonstrable experience with some, of the key players and organisations in the housing sector, together with the hospitals, educational establishments, care homes, as well as commercial enterprises such as tourist , leisure, etc.
  3. Ability to advise on mechanisms to identify, communicate and engage with those in each sector with the responsibility for TV services in their properties.
  4. Experienced property manager, with a good understanding of the legal, financial and social practicalities and constraints of property management
  5. Ability to contribute to a strategic framework, with coherent policies supported by streamlined operational procedures that underpin the delivery objectives.

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