Safety Officer


  1. To oversee the implementation of all matters relating to safety, health and environmental management on company’s construction sites.
  2. To liaise with and advise the QHSSE/Project Managers on all matters relating to requirement on safety, health and environmental.
  3. To assist the QHSSE/Project Manager to prepare and submit project progress reports as required by client.
  4. To assist the QA/QC team in quality assurance and quality control matters relating to project management.
  5. To oversee matters relating to site security management.
  6. To review and recommend changes to company’s Safety Manual, Safety Policies and all projects.
  7. To develop, implement, monitor and review safety plans, programmes and procedures for all projects
  8. To advise tender committee on Occupational Safety & Health and Factories Machinery Act related requirements and related safety budgets for all projects.
  9. To advise and guide, monitor and review safety plans and programmes implemented by contractors at all project sites.
  10. To conduct regular site safety inspections with site safety officer, contractor’s site manager and site safety & health committee.
  11. To conduct periodic site safety and health audits.
  12. To advise and guide site safety and health committee during monthly meetings.
  13. To ensure safety and health plan and programme compliance at site is well documented and records are properly maintained.
  14. To assist site safety and health committee in incident/accident investigations.
  15. To liaise with local authorities (JKKP, CIDB, etc) on related matters.
  16. To identify training needs and organize and coordinate training programmes for workers, site safety supervisors, officers, contractors and executives.
  17. To develop Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and risk management plans for high risk work at site.
  18. To undertake any other responsibilities as instructed by superior.


  1. Candidate must possess at least a Diploma in Safety or NIOSH or equivalent.
  2. Minimum 5 years’ experience in Constructions industry.
  3. Well versed in Bahasa Malaysia & English, both oral and written.

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