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Our CSR Policy

  • Quality, commitment to excellence, innovation, reliability and timeliness – these core values form the bedrock of our success. From humble beginnings, we have built our organization around our core strengths and expertise. Holding steadfast to our roots and honouring our ethical norms and values have earned the respect of our stakeholders and the community in which we work.
  • To achieve a sustainable business, we believe it is our responsibility and duty to reinvest into the community and our precious environment, raising awareness and seeking pro-active actions on various aspects affecting our society. We challenge ourselves to instill positive attributes for a better tomorrow for all by growing and progressing hand in hand with the life-blood of the nation – the Malaysian society.



Our CSR Objectives

  • The Maju Group believes its CSR activities should ensure that our products and services support and complement local and global ethical standards.
  • The Maju Group strives to ensure that all their business activities have a positive impact on the environment, community, stakeholders and employees.
  • Through our CSR initiatives, Maju Group is confident that our presence will :
    • Promote and encourage community growth and development
    • Preserve and restore Mother Earth
    • Create awareness on safety and health
  • Therefore, The Maju Group’s CSR Policy is aimed at :
    • Creating and becoming a RESPONSIBLE corporate citizen
    • Supporting nation building and caring for the underprivileged
    • Ensuring a sustainable future for our PEOPLE and our PLANET


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